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1. Who is a “D” voter?

Doubtful Voter are those persons who are identified during electoral roll revision as D Voters, cases of which are pending with the Foreigners Tribunals or as declared as foreigners by the Tribunal.

2. Can a "D" voter apply?

Yes. “D” voters can apply for inclusion of their names in the updated NRC. However, a “D” Voter’s name will only be included in NRC only after getting clearance from the Foreigners Tribunals.

3. My father is identified as a D Voter but the case is not yet resolved in the Foreigners Tribunals. But I am not a D Voter and I have my Legacy Data particulars for 1971. Will I be eligible for inclusion in NRC?

Yes, someone who has his/her Legacy Data record is eligible to for inclusion in the updated NRC, irrespective of the fact that his/her father or mother has been identified as D Voters.

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