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1. What are the the admissible documents for inclusion in NRC?

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2. How to obtain admissible documents?

The applicant must submit the admissible documents available with them. In case the applicant had lost or misplaced the documents required, they may approach the office from which the documents were issued for obtaining duplicate/certified copies.

3. Am I required to submit all of the admissible documents?

No. You are required to submit only one of the admissible documents. It can be either NRC 1951, any one of the Electoral Rolls upto 24th March (midnight), 1971 or any of the 12 other admissible documents.

4. Where shall one get the list of permissible documents in regards to NRC updation?

The list of permissible documents is available on the website www.nrcassam.nic.in. One can get the information regarding the documents from the NRC helpline by dialing 15107 and it will also be mentioned in the application form.

5. What sort of land documents are acceptable?

Any land documents showing title/ownership/possession like ‘Patta’, Jamabandi, Khatian, mutation orders, and land revenue payment receipt pertaining to the period upto midnight of 24th March, 1971 are acceptable, subject to validation.

6. Is GP certificate mandatory for every married woman for inclusion in NRC?

No. G.P. Secretary Certificate is not mandatory for every married woman. It is an additional option available for married woman to show her linkage with her ancestors in absence of any other legally acceptable documents, which contains her name and her ancestors name together.

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