The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is the register containing names of Indian CITIZENS. The only time that a National Register of Citizens (NRC) was prepared was in 1951 when after conduct of the Census of 1951, the NRC was prepared by recording particulars of all the persons enumerated during that Census. The NRC will be now updated to include the names of those persons (or their descendants) who appear in the NRC, 1951, or in any of the Electoral Rolls up to the midnight of 24th March, 1971 or in any one of the other admissible documents issued upto mid-night of 24th March, 1971, which would prove their presence in Assam or in any part of India on or before 24th March, 1971. All the names appearing in the NRC, 1951, or any of the Electoral Rolls up to the midnight of 24th March, 1971 together are called Legacy Data. Thus, there will be two requirements for inclusion in updated NRC – 1.) existence of a person’s name in the pre-1971 period & 2.) proving linkage with that person. For getting their names included in the updated NRC, citizens shall have to submit Applications Forms (family-wise). Application Forms received by Govt shall be verified and based on the results of verification of particulars submitted by the citizens in their Application Forms, the updated NRC shall be prepared. However, to afford another opportunity to the applicants before publication of the final NRC, a draft NRC shall be published after verification of the Application Forms and the citizens given chance to submit claims, objections, corrections etc. After verification of all such claims and objections, the final NRC would be published.

Citizenship being a subject of the Union List, policy decisions, guidelines and funds for NRC updation are provided by the Central Government but its implementation is done through the State Government machinery under the guidance of the Registrar General of India who functions as the Registrar General of Citizen Registration under Rule 15 of Citizenship Rules, 2003 as amended in 2009 and 2010.

The provisions governing NRC updation in Assam are The Citizenship Act, 1955, and The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity cards) Rules, 2003. (As amended by 1. G. S. R.803(E), dated 9th November, 2009 (with effect from 9/11/2009.) 2. Ministry of Home Affairs (Office of Registrar General, India ), Order No. S.O. 596(E), dated 15th March, 2010, published in the Gazette of India, Extra, Part II. No. 504 S.3(ii), dated 16th March, 2010 p.1.)The modalities for NRC updation have been developed jointly by the Government of Assam and the Government of India in adherence to these statutes.

The entire process of NRC Updation consists of following phases – Legacy Data Publication Phase----> Application Form Distribution & Receipt Phase ----> Verification Phase ----> Part Draft NRC Publication ----> Complete NRC Draft Publication & Receipt of Claims & Objections Phase ----> Final NRC Publication.

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